Free Shipping on orders over $50 Get 30% off on your  first order with “WELGB”

Free Shipping on orders over $50 Get 30% off on your  first order with “WELGB”

Little Chef’s Delight Playset


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Product description
  • Multi-Functional Design: Each piece is designed for small hands, enabling kids to grasp, pull, cut, and sort, enhancing both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Diverse Play Options: From carrot pulling to fishing games, this set allows children to explore different play methods, fostering creativity and imagination.
  • Educational Shape Matching & Puzzle: Teach shapes and problem-solving as kids match food pieces to their corresponding slots in the cutting boards.
  • Realistic Food Play: Vibrant, lifelike wooden fruits and vegetables can be 'cut' and prepared, introducing concepts of cooking and food preparation.
  • Safe and Durable Materials: Crafted with child-safe, robust wood, and finished with non-toxic paints, ensuring long-lasting, safe play.
  • Number and Color Recognition: With numbered fish and color-coded produce, children will learn to identify numbers and colors naturally.
  • More Ways to Play:
    • Engage in a carrot pulling contest, using fine motor skills to 'pluck' the veggies out.
    • Cast a line in the fishing game, attaching the wooden bait to the fish with magnets.
    • Challenge little ones with shape matching, asking them to return the food to the right puzzle board.
    • The set doubles as a puzzle, encouraging children to figure out which piece fits where.
    • Simulate a real kitchen with food play, where kids can mimic cutting and cooking the food.
What's included
A variety of wooden vegetables, cheese, steak, salmon and shrimp with magnet attachments for cutting play
Silicone fish with numbers (1-8) for educational fishing games
Four wooden carrots for carrot pulling contest
Three game boards for sorting shapes and practicing motor skills
A durable pot with lid for storing all pieces neatly when playtime is over
Wooden carrot size each : 3.3 x 8(CM), 1.30 x 3.15(INCHES)
Wooden fishing rod: 1.2 x 12.8(CM), 0.47 x 5.04(INCHES)
Various wooden meat play size: approximately 4.3 x 6.5(CM),1.69 x 2.56(INCHES)
Various vegetable play size: approximately 5.0 x 5.0(CM), 1.97 x 1.97(INCHES)
Cooking pot with lid: 6.9 x 18(CM), 2.72 x 7.09(INCHES)
Silicone fish size: 3.0 x 4.4(CM), 1.18 x 1.73(INCHES)
Package size: 10.2 x 14.0 x 17.0(CM), 4.02 x 5.51 x 6.69(INCHES)
Varied sizes for different components
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