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Free Shipping on orders over $50 Get 30% off on your  first order with “WELGB”

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“Construction Team” Series – Inertial Cement Mixer Truck Toy

  • Dynamic Inertial Drive: This cement mixer truck is designed with an inertial drive function. Just push it forward to watch it move ahead on its own, encouraging active play and coordination.
  • Realistic Movable Joints: The truck features movable joints, allowing the mixing barrel to rotate, simulating the real-world operation of a cement mixer.
  • Exciting Sound Effects and Lights: Equipped with sound and light functions to make playtime more engaging. Hear the realistic noises of a construction site with the press of a button.
  • Bright and Attractive Design: The truck sports a vibrant yellow color with contrasting black and red details, perfect for capturing the attention of young children.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of playtime, and designed with safety in mind for kids aged 3 and above.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

“Construction Team” Series – Inertial Dump Truck Toy

  • Innovative Inertial Drive System: Propel the truck forward with a simple push, and the inertial mechanism keeps it rolling, encouraging kinetic play.
  • Functional Movable Bed: The dump truck features a bed that can lift and tilt, allowing kids to load and unload cargo just like a real dump truck.
  • Engaging Sound and Light Features: With the press of a button, activate the realistic engine sounds and lights, adding to the immersive play experience.
  • Durable and Safe Design: Constructed with robust, child-friendly materials, this toy is designed for safe and lasting play.
  • Interactive Playtime: Encourages imaginative role-play and helps children understand the mechanics of dump trucks in a fun and interactive way.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

“Construction Team” Series – Inertial Excavator Toy

  • Inertial Drive Action: Designed to move forward with a simple push, this excavator toy encourages active play and motor skill development.
  • Articulated Movable Joints: The excavator arm can pivot and the bucket can scoop, mimicking the real-life movements of a construction excavator.
  • Authentic Sounds and Bright Lights: Press the buttons to activate the realistic sound effects and flashing lights, creating an immersive playtime experience.
  • Sturdy and Child-Safe Design: Constructed with durable, non-toxic materials, this toy is both robust and safe for children, recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • Ideal for Creative Play: Enhances imaginative play while teaching children about construction machinery and their functions.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

“Construction Team” Series – Inertial Loader Toy

  • Engaging Inertial Drive Function: This loader toy is crafted with an inertial drive feature, allowing it to glide forward with a simple push, making it perfect for hands-on, imaginative play.
  • Fully Articulated Movable Arm and Bucket: Kids will love the articulated arm and bucket that lift and scoop just like a real loader, enhancing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Realistic Sound Effects and Lights: With the push of a button, the loader comes to life with authentic sounds and bright, engaging lights, providing an immersive experience for all little construction enthusiasts.
  • Robust Construction for Enduring Play: Made from high-quality, durable materials, this loader is designed to endure through all the rough and tumble of playtime.
  • Safety First: The toy meets all safety standards for children aged 3 years and up, ensuring a safe play environment with non-toxic materials.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

“Construction Team” Series – Inertial Power Excavator Toy

  • Realistic Inertial Motion: This excavator toy is equipped with an inertial drive function. A gentle push sets the vehicle in motion, mimicking the powerful performance of real construction vehicles.
  • Articulated Digging Arm: Children can enjoy moving the arm and bucket, which lifts and lowers just like a real excavator's, fostering coordination and motor skills.
  • Vivid Sound Effects and Lights: The excavator is designed with realistic sound effects and bright lights that enhance the play experience, capturing the hustle and bustle of a construction site.
  • Sturdy and Child-Friendly Design: Made with durable, non-toxic materials, this toy is crafted to last and is safe for young builders aged 3 and up.
  • Encourages Imaginative Play: This toy helps nurture imagination and introduces children to the basics of mechanics and engineering.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

“Construction Team” Series – Wheel Loader with Grabbing Claw

  • Interactive Inertial Movement: Designed with an easy push-and-go feature, this construction grabber toy mimics the forward motion of real-life construction equipment without the need for batteries for the movement.
  • Functional Movable Parts: The grabber arm and claw are fully articulated, allowing kids to engage in realistic play by grabbing and lifting objects, enhancing fine motor skills.
  • Entertaining Sound and Light Functions: With the press of a button, the toy comes alive with exciting sound effects and bright lights, providing a truly immersive construction experience for children.
  • Sturdy Build for Endless Fun: Constructed from durable, non-toxic plastic, this toy is safe for kids and resilient enough to handle enthusiastic play.
  • Educational Play: This toy grabber encourages creative playtime and helps children learn about the various machinery used in construction.
  • Portable Carry Case: The packaging doubles as a carry case with a transparent side and a handy handle, making it easy for kids to take their favorite toy with them on the go.

Adorable Animal Magnet Train Playset

  • Magnetic Linkage: Each car connects with magnets, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly, while promoting understanding of magnetic principles.
  • Inertial Movement: The train and cars are powered by inertial motion, just push forward and watch them go.
  • Educational Value: Encourages the development of motor skills, recognition of colors and animals, and sparks curiosity about physics.
  • Durable and Safe: Made with high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring safe play for children aged 3 and above.
  • Interactive Play: Kids can rearrange the order of the cars, swap animals, and drive the train on imaginative adventures.

Adorable Plush Bunny Toy

Delight your little one with this adorable Cozy Cuddle Plush Bunny, crafted from high-quality polyester for a soft and fluffy touch. Featuring a cute hard nose and durable hard eyes, this bunny is designed to withstand loving play. Sitting at 32 cm, it's the perfect size for cozy cuddles. This plush bunny is not just a toy but a beloved companion for any child, ready to share in all their adventures and stories.

Alphabet Animal Creative Puzzle Set

  • Creative Learning Tool: Engaging and colorful animal-themed alphabet blocks that encourage letter recognition and phonics awareness in a playful manner.
  • Multi-Sensory Experience: Each block features a unique animal that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, promoting visual and tactile learning.
  • Safe and Durable Construction: Made from high-quality wood with smooth edges and non-toxic paints, perfect for young children’s sensitive hands.
  • Enhances Fine Motor Skills: The act of handling and fitting the blocks together aids in the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Engaging Design: Each letter is paired with an animal shape and color, enhancing memory and recognition skills.
  • Safety First: Made with child-safe materials and finishes, with pieces large enough to prevent choking hazards.

Amphibious Dual RC Stunt Car with 360° Capabilities

  • Amphibious Capabilities: Conquer any terrain with a vehicle designed for both water and land adventures, offering versatile and uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Strong Battery Life: Enjoy prolonged playtimes with a high-capacity battery that ensures your fun lasts, with the added convenience of USB charging.
  • Dual Control Mode: Take control with the standard remote or switch to the innovative gravity wristwatch for hands-free operation and a unique driving experience.
  • Four-Wheel Drive Power: Tackle obstacles and perform stunts with the powerful 4WD system that delivers exceptional handling and performance.
  • Double-Sided Driving: A reversible design means the action continues even when the vehicle flips, providing endless stunt possibilities.
  • Crash-Resistant Construction: Built to endure, this stunt car can take on jumps and tumbles with a durable body that's ready for rough play.
  • Vivid Lighting: Equipped with dynamic LED lights, this vehicle lights up with a dazzling display, adding a new dimension to your stunt shows.
  • USB Charging Batteries: The included rechargeable batteries ensure that you can power up quickly using any USB port, making it convenient to keep the action going.

Animal Alphabet & Number Discovery Wooden Puzzle Set

  • Dual Learning System: This set combines the excitement of both alphabets and numbers, enabling children to learn letters and numerals simultaneously in a fun and engaging way.
  • Interactive Learning: This beautifully crafted wooden puzzle set offers a fun way to learn the alphabet & number, pairing each letter with an animal that starts with the same letter, aiding in letter & number recognition and phonetics.
  • Creative Illustrations: Featuring a unique animal or scene for each letter and number, these puzzles captivate children's imaginations and encourage curiosity about the natural world.
  • Fine Motor Skill Development: Each wooden letter fits snugly into its respective card, encouraging fine motor skill development as little fingers grasp, place, and fit each piece into its place.
  • Durable Wooden Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality wood and painted with child-safe, water-based paints, these puzzles are built to last and are safe for all-day play.
  • Easy Storage and Portability: The set comes with a robust storage box, ensuring that puzzle pieces are kept safe and can be easily carried for on-the-go fun.
  • Educational Play: With this set, kids don't just learn their ABCs and 123s; they develop spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and the ability to recognize patterns and sequences.

Bakery Donut Shop Playset

  • Interactive Playset: With lights, sounds, and moving parts, this donut shop offers a hands-on, multi-sensory play experience that kids will adore.
  • Colorful Donut Selection: Comes with a variety of vibrantly colored donut toys, allowing kids to mix, match, and serve up their custom creations.
  • Educational Value: Enhances cognitive development through play, teaching kids about colors, shapes, and the fun of running a sweet shop.
  • Interactive Play: Features an oven with a working door and a "baking" mechanism to simulate real baking action, enhancing the fun and interactive experience.
  • Durably Constructed: Made with high-quality, child-safe materials, this playset is built to withstand the enthusiasm of aspiring shop owners.
  • Social Skills Development: Perfect for playdates, it encourages sharing, turn-taking, and social interaction among children.
  • Rich Accessories Set: Includes an assortment of donut styles, sweet treats, a serving cart, cash and coins, providing a full business play experience.

Bakeshop Delights: 10-Piece Assorted Bakery Treats Playset

  • Interactive Food Play: This playset takes pretend play to the next level with pieces that simulate the cutting of real food, enhancing cognitive and motor skills.
  • Versatile Pretend Play: From imaginative bakery shop play to interactive role-playing, this set is perfect for solo or group play, teaching valuable social interactions and creativity.
  • Mix and Match Fun: Designed to complement other play food items, this set can be integrated with existing play kitchens to expand playtime possibilities.
  • Exquisite Beechwood Construction: Built to last, the entire playset is made from high-quality beechwood, known for its durability and smooth finish.
  • Safe for Play: Each piece is coated with non-toxic, water-based paint, ensuring playtime is safe and worry-free for parents and fun for kids.
  • Expandable Play: Combine the Beechwood Bakery Playset with other food sets like the "Vegetable," "Meat-Fish," and "Kitchen Tool" collections for endless fun and learning opportunities.

Bamboo Play Kitchen Set

  • Versatile Play Options: From flipping a sunny-side-up egg to slicing a delicious pizza, the diverse accessories invite endless play scenarios.
  • Imagination Station: A treasure trove of fun that sparks creativity, allowing kids to pretend-cook their favorite meals.
  • Educational Play: This kitchen set helps develop fine motor skills, cognitive function, and social interaction through role-playing and storytelling.
  • Creative Skill Development: Encourages role-play, helps with learning about food and cooking, and develops fine motor skills in a playful setting.
  • Vivid, Child-Safe Paint: Coated with bright, non-toxic colors that are sure to captivate your child's attention and spark joy in their play.
  • Sustainable Materials: Crafted from high-quality bamboo sourced from responsible plantation forests, ensuring durability and sustainability.
  • Safety Tested: Our play kitchen set meets rigorous safety standards, ensuring all edges are smooth and all components are sturdy and secure.
  • Compact & Portable: Thoughtfully designed to be both compact and portable, this kitchen can be set up for playtime anywhere and easily stored away when the cooking is done.

Bamboo Tool Kit – A Kid’s First Toolbox Adventure

  • Eco-Conscious Crafting: Made from renewable bamboo, this tool kit is as kind to the planet as it is fun for your child.
  • Imagination in Action: Featuring tools modeled after real-life counterparts, this set sparks creativity and imaginative play, laying the foundation for cognitive skills.
  • Build Fine Motor Skills: Each tool is designed to enhance your child's dexterity and coordination in the most enjoyable way.
  • Interactive Playset: With a hammer, wrench, and more, little hands will be busy twisting, turning, and tinkering.
  • Cute and Playful Design: Adorable animal characters embossed on the kit invite children into a playful narrative of building and fixing.
  • Portable Workshop: A sturdy handle ensures this tool kit can go wherever your child goes, turning any place into a pop-up workshop.

Barista Wooden Coffee Machine Playset

  • Inspire Little Baristas: With the Barista Wooden Coffee Machine Playset, kids can dive into the world of coffee making! The interactive elements encourage imaginative play and help children develop fine motor skills as they pretend to grind beans, pour milk, and create the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe Materials: Crafted from sustainable wood and finished with non-toxic paints, this playset is both kid-friendly and earth-conscious. Little ones can play safely, and parents can have peace of mind.
  • Charming Design: The delightful cow motif and pastel colors will capture children's hearts. Each piece, from the milk bottle to the coffee cups, features adorable details that are sure to invoke smiles and hours of entertainment.
  • Educational Fun: Children learn through play, and the Barista set teaches basic kitchen skills, encourages number recognition with marked measurements, and introduces the concept of following steps to create something wonderful.
  • Social Interaction Booster: This set is perfect for playdates, helping children learn to share, cooperate, and run their own little café. It’s a social skill workshop in a box!
  • Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because, the Barista Wooden Coffee Machine Playset is an excellent gift for children who love to play pretend and explore the world around them.
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